About us


T. Spiritual World Ltd. (TSW), envisions itself to be the complete destination for wellness products and services for individuals and corporates. We are a successfully managed; profit making public limited company.

Wellness is more than being and feeling healthy. ‘Wellness’ is our ability to live a satisfying and balanced life through the combined use of our physical, mental, spiritual, social and material resources. We strive to provide and promote effective use of these resources to help our clients meet the challenges of daily life.

We differentiate our self by being the only public listed Company to have diversified into the wellness products and services space. This is our competitive advantage as we venture to work professionally in an unorganized sector.

Our four main business units

Software Services – TSW Software provides software solutions, IT consulting, software implementation and training services to various organizations and individuals.

Wellness Store
 - This Specialty Retail Store provides consumers with access to new age products for the mind, body and spirit.

Wonder Yoga Studio
 - Wonder Yoga Studio is a place for consumers to energize their mind, body and spirit using Yoga and Meditation.

Wellness Clinic
 – This Clinic provides all services as required for the point of contact clinic for a defined mental, emotional, physical or spiritual condition to be treated using alternative and complementary medicine.